Objective is a Brazilian multinational organization founded in 1995 by developers and college friends who later became a high-performance multi-disciplinary team. We help our clients break technological barriers through our digital products, consulting services, training, and software development. We focus on quality beyond software, creating value for our clients.

We developed our own way of managing and operating a software company, adopting and evolving our tools and agile methodology throughout history. Sinccera was forged to solve the challenges we faced when scaling agile software development.

With more than 450 restless specialists and engineers spread worldwide and offices in Chicago-IL, São Paulo-SP, Curitiba-PR, and Maringá-PR, we continue to help our clients deliver agile results at scale.


I've been helping companies on their Journey towards Antifragile using Sinccera, our scaled PPM platform, which implements concepts and practices from KMM (Kanban Maturity Model) and A.O. (Ambidextrous Organizations)
Ramon Tramontini
I'm one of Objective's co-founders, and I believe automation through software is one of the keys to improve our well-being. With Sinccera, I want to help companies achieve much higher goals, giving their teams autonomy to choose their process and, at the same time, keeping the executive level with the power to steer their portfolio.
Humberto Soares

Our Values

Act honestly, cordially, transparently, promoting a trusted environment.
Customer enchantment
Exceed customer expectations by providing services with quality, responsibility, agility, good relationship, and competitiveness.
Promote teamwork, knowledge exchange, open and clear communication, and always give feedback. Integrate and include people, areas, and offices.
Economic return
Pursue sustainable and continuous growth of revenues, company value, and profit-sharing, retaining liquidity and safety.
Work with excellence, pride, passion, autonomy, commitment, engagement, accountability, and acknowledgment.
Continuous improvement
Always reach for knowledge, mobility, self-development, innovation, and adaptability.

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A Message from our CEO

A Message from our CEO

As Peter Drucker said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Strategy without execution is nothing. An engaged and committed team is necessary beyond the culture to sustain it. And we have this strong culture, as a human company, driven by execution, continuous improvement, and nurturing the quality in our code, in our services, in our customer relationships, and with our own team. And it is our culture that will lead us to the next 30 years, looking for innovations to make our world more human and connected.
João Paulo Miranda | CEO

Our Offices

Chicago | USA

São Paulo | BR

Curitiba | BR

Maringá | BR